Insulated Roofing Panels by Solaris®

Solaris Insulated Roofing Panels Ridgepanel

Solaris® Colour Range – Top (weather) side

Insulated Roofing Panels - Colour Range

Solaris® Colour Range – Bottom (ceiling) side colours and finishes

Insulated Roofing Panels Ceiling Colour Options
  • Available thicknesses: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm
  • Ceiling options: smooth or VJ finish
  • Optional LED light fittings
  • Foam inserts to cap ribs
  • service ducts
  • colorbond steel

Technical details

Profile Detail

Common Flashings

Indicative only

Z Flashing

Top Barge

Side Barge


Panel Properties

Insulated Roofing Properties


LED Lights

Ultraslim downlight kits.  Approved for use with Solaris insulated panels. 9W cool or warm white options.

Fan Bracket bolts

Fan attachment locking kit

Natural Lighting in Insulated Panels

Skylight Kits

Kits for natural lighting