There is no smarter choice in sustainable roofing than Solaris® insulated wall panels.

Smooth panel

Office fit outs

Simple, time saving & cost effective

Solaris® SMOOTHPANEL – insulated walling panels

Insulated Wall panels


  • CodeMark (R) Certified
  • Made to measure
  • Versatile application
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Lightweight
  • Made with COLORBOND® Intramax™ steel that contains antibacterial technology
  • Easy handling and quick, simple installation keep construction time to a minimum.

Insulated Roofing Panels – Why they are a great choice

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    15 year Solaris® panel warranty
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    Fast and easy to install
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    Long spanning
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    Improved strength
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    Increased water carrying capacity
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    Clean lines and a choice of pre-painted ceiling finished

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    Insulation system reduces heat transfer, condensation, mould and corrosion common in single skin products
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    Insulation filled
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    Excellent R values and thermal performance making Building Code of Australia (BCA) Park J compliance a breeze
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    Five star plus ratings easily obtainable

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    Pre-painted high tensile steel to stand up to Australian conditions
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    Completely engineered with a full range of accessories readily available
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    Fire Smart BCA approved group 1 and 2 compliant systems possible
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    Alternate cores available for commercial and industrial applications


Manufactured with COLORBOND on BOTH sides of the panel. Meaning its built to withstand harsh Australian conditions.


Factory prefabrication means quick onsite installation. No insulating, sheeting or painting!


Made to order – means you’re not paying for wasted materials you don’t need.


Solaris is a CODEMARK certified product.


Solaris is an economical option – requires less structure, no sheeting or painting and is efficient to install.


Excellent thermal properties! Keeping you cool and energy costs down.


Fast & Easy installation.  Easy to follow step by step guide.

Colorbond – Dual Skin.

Active Technology

Next generation COLORBOND® steel AM100 features a highly efficient, active metallic coating, which provides superior corrosion resistance of the coated product via two strategically positioned magnesium compounds.

Colorbond Steel

Made by Australia.

Tested in Australian Conditions

BlueScope’s assessment program for COLORBOND® steel is designed to replicate building applications in actual Australian conditions.

Locally Manufactured

Manufactured in Brisbane and designed specifically for Queensland’s climate and weather conditions, Solaris® insulated walling delivers in energy efficiency and sustainability as a fully finished all-in-one wall solution.

CodeMark Certified

Solaris Insulated panel is now CodeMark® certified.  CodeMark® certification of Solaris Insulated Panel provides certainty to regulatory authorities and that it complies with the National Construction Code (NCC), Volume One and Volume Two (BCA). This makes it easier for you when using Solaris on your project.


SmoothPanel by Solaris can be used for cold storage, temperature controlled environments and general wall construction. It provides a lightweight, high performing EPS-FR insulated walling and ceiling panel manufactured exclusively using Australian-made BlueScope COLORBOND® steel.