Solaris® insulated roofing by Retracom is the smart sustainable choice for your commercial project.

High Profiled Filled Ribs

for Superior Srength, Water Drainage and energy

Industrial Roofing

Your fully finished 3-in-1 roofing solution.

Large Spans

Less structure required.

Manufactured in Brisbane and designed specifically to achieve cool and comfortable living under Queensland’s climate and weather conditions, Solaris® insulated roofing delivers energy efficiency and sustainability as a fully finished all-in-one roofing solution, delivering an all-weather roof, high quality insulation and a pre-finished ceiling in a single product.

The Solaris® roofing solution delivers a clean, modern look and means you can say goodbye to the extra work involved with installing eave linings, battens, insulation lining, mesh, reflective foil, plasterboard and ceiling painting on your next commercial project.

The unique filled ribs mean your roof will be vermin proof, with improved strength and insulation, while the deeper profile height makes for efficient water disposal to stand up to the storm season.

Solaris® insulated roofing provides excellent R values and thermal performance through its unique 3-in-1 design, making Building Code of Australia (BCA) Part J compliance a breeze and boosts your energy efficiency rating instantly.

Solaris® insulated roofing is manufactured in a wide range of contemporary Colorbond® roof colours, specially selected to achieve the best thermal performance and deliver energy savings for the home.

Solaris® Colour Range

Solaris Corropanel Insulated Roofing panel
Solaris Insulated Roofing Panels Ridgepanel

Solaris® Colour Range