There is no smarter choice in sustainable roofing than Solaris® insulated roofing.

Manufactured in Brisbane and designed specifically for Queensland’s climate and weather conditions, Solaris® insulated roofing delivers in energy efficiency and sustainability as a fully finished all-in-one roofing solution. Whether you’re looking to create a patio or deck cover, carport, awning or full roofing system, Solaris® insulated roofing will help keep you cool under cover on Queensland’s most harsh summer days. Unique filled ribs  Solaris® insulated roofing provides excellent R values and thermal performance through its unique 3-in-1 design, making Building Code of Australia (BCA) Part J compliance a breeze and boosts your energy efficiency rating instantly. Solaris® insulated roofing is manufactured in a wide range of contemporary Colorbond® roof colours, specially selected to achieve the best thermal performance and deliver energy savings for the home.

Solaris® Unique Filled Ribs

Solaris Insulated Roofing Panels Ridgepanel


Solaris Corropanel Insulated Roofing panel

Solaris® Colour Range